• Exacting editing of legal, business, personal and social service writing commissions, creating concise, literate and accurate documents.
  • Problem solver extraordinaire.
  • Business and persuasive writing coach for corporations and individuals.
  • Refining and editing business and marketing materials (websites, brochures, one-sheets).
  • Recommendations are not confined to the immediate or obvious fix, but also offer original, highly do-able alternatives and solutions.
  • Evaluating and analyzing data submitted by businesses, grant recipients or non-profit organizations regarding their programs and structure, then writing an independent, “third-party audit.” I present an evaluation and analysis and make objective recommendations to business owners, grantors, Boards of Directors and other interested parties.
  • Editing of essays, novellas and completed manuscripts.
  • Editing of grant applications.
  • Business, legal and non-profit research.
  • Designing and teaching training courses.
  • Life coaching via an educated ear and forthright feedback: radical serenity; extreme truth; compassionate parenting; relationships, boundary-setting and self-definition.
  • Essentially anything you can think of or need that would benefit from my multi-dimensional legal, business, social service and creative perspective.
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